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Pam has an amazing gift.  I am a disabled veteran who suffered a spinal injury during my service.  Over the years that injury has progressed to the point I had difficulty walking or standing.  Since my visit with Pam, I have been able to move about and I am feeling more like my old self.  

Robert, Retired Veteran

I know you're riding today, but I had to share.  My husband and I deal with pain all the time.  But the past 6 months our pain has been unbearable.  To the point of me making an appt with an orthopedic surgeon.  (Which I HATE the thought of surgery)  After meeting with you Thursday...the pain is back to just a little discomfort.  We both had been medicating heavily, all day long...and now, we don't have to.  



When working with Pam, she was able to help clear an issue that was holding me down for many years.  Pam was able to detect and get rid of negative entities that were keeping me in lower vibrations that were causing my emotional problems.  After working with her I felt so much more at peace and much lighter. 

The issue that we were working on faded away after a few days. 

My session with Pam not only helped me but also my daughter.  The energies in my home also felt so much lighter. 

I would highly recommend doing sessions with Pam.  I have so much love and gratitude to her for helping me.  It was life changing. 

Thank you!!!  Love you!!! Bless you Pam!!


My life was a lie when I met Pam.  Life had beaten me down to a point I was trying to conform as another sheep. Pam helped me understand who I actually am, and the power of "I AM".  Not only did she heal me mentally and physically, but she showed me how to continue the process on myself and how to help others.  She is a no B.S. type of woman that loves GOD.  She helped me, she can help you too.


More to come.......

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