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 Energy Clearing Session

These energy clearings for individuals are specifically targeted at clearing entities that are attached. Entities (wandering spirits, demons, low vibration beings are attracted to the light that your soul carries. If your vibration is low, these entities will stay attached, causing depression, illness, anger, anxiety and fear to name a few. After we address the state of your energy, we can then begin the process of clearing.  

To do this, Pam will work with your belief systems using muscle testing to find out where the entities came from (agreements, vows, commitments, contracts and even past lives). As Pam is clearing the energies away, she will install new feelings and emotions coming from Creator (high-vibration being). This gives the individual mental clarity, a different perspective, higher vibration and a stronger re-connection with Creator. 


In this healing/clearing energy session, she will :

  • Clear your energy

  • Remove attachments (negative energies that can be affecting your health)

  • Energetic Hooks

  • Energetic Attacks

  • Energetic Divorce from past relationships (this is only breaking the energetic cord between you and the other person)

  • Remove contracts and agreements (present and past life)

  • Clear curses, hexes, spells and portals for negative entities in the body

Energy Clearing


One Hour Session  - $250

*A typical session lasts one to two hours depending on how much needs to be cleared.  Pam will work with you accordingly. 

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