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Online Group Coaching

The Ultimate Way to Liberate Your Consciousness!

Spiritual Empowerment coaching is a form of coaching that focuses on facilitating profound change in an individual's life. It goes beyond just achieving goals or making surface-level changes and instead aims to create a fundamental shift in the way a person thinks, feels, and acts. Spiritual Empowerment coaches work with clients to explore their values, beliefs, and goals, helping them identify and overcome limiting patterns or behaviors. They often use powerful questioning, reflection, and other techniques to deepen self-awareness and inspire personal growth. The goal of Spiritual Empowerment coaching is to empower individuals to live more authentically, purposefully, and joyfully.

Learn how to:

*Liberate your Consciousness

*Embrace your Intuition

*Transform your Reality

*Step into Your Power

*Manifest Your Dreams

Group Coaching Course

$499 ( 3 months ) Monthly payment option available.

*Each Online course will run for 3 months.  1 hour each Saturday morning.  

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