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Home or Land Clearing

Clearing energies are not only beneficial for our bodies but are equally important for the spaces we inhabit daily. Simply put, you can't completely clear yourself if your space is still stagnant or vibrating at a lower frequency. 

As bodies of energy, we have a unique relationship with our environments. For example anger, fighting or negative feelings towards one another create a dense energy that can be impregnated into the walls which then have a direct effect on people's experiences in those spaces. Because of the low vibration, we can attract entities, wandering spirits and even demons. 

Our environments can hold negative vibrations, frustration, fear etc and need to be cleared and cleansed. Sometimes these negative vibrations in spaces are not actually caused by us, but can be residual energy from those that held the space prior and can even be affected directly from the land in which the space was built upon.

Pam specializes in clearing both heavily saturated spaces as well as simple re-energizing of spaces (think when your routine becomes the main focus instead of nurturing your sanctuary and feeling energized in that space).

This is when you need an energy clearing for your home or work-space:

  • When you are buying a new home

  • When a newborn is coming home

  • You have a new job

  • You are going through a divorce or separation

  • You live in an old house or space and there have been other families/energies which have occupied that space

  • When there has been a death in the family

  • When there is conflict at home which brings down the vibration

  • Energies that feel like they are not your own, i.e you feel like you are being watched, when you walk into the room the energy feels dense and/or you just get the sense you are not alone

Energy is constantly changing, both within us and around us, so we must keep our homes and workplaces in their highest vibrations.

Here are some basic tips you can try on your own to clear your space:

  • Smudging (White Sage)

  • Use the Archangel Micheal prayer while smudging

  • Create a Selenite grid

  • Set the intention of clearing - Affirm/reaffirm your intent and purpose for the area you’ve created

  • Making sure the space is physically clean, also getting rid of clutter

For a home or office   2–4 hours 

Land depends on coverage area

Starts at $500

*The time and price will vary on the size of the space or amount of land.  Most clearings can be done in one session.

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